The T25 automatic thread-cutting tap is a CNC machine for the mass production of standard thread-cutting taps with straight or spiral flutes as well as forming taps.

It employs the proven design of a solid machine basis that can be expanded with additional functions and offers high productivity and precision.

The machine is equipped with the latest drive and control technology (digital servo drives: Siemens, precision length and Heidenhain angle measuring systems). Thanks to the workpiece-specific user interface by SMS (HMI), the CNC control system (Siemens Sinumerik ONE) can easily be programmed by the operator in the dialogue system and ensures setup times.

The machine body made of concrete combines the advantages of high rigidity, heat stability and exceptional damping characteristics.

The use of set rolls for the thread and chamfer makes it possible to grind both the thread as well as the chamfer in a single setup. The grinding wheel is automatically profiled in programmed cycles. The grinding wheel and flange are balanced with the help of a balancing unit integrated in the spindle. The workpieces are picked up between centres; the work drive is implemented by a hydraulic clamping chuck on the tap square.

The CNC-controlled stroke curve drive is used to transfer the stroke, form and size of the relief onto the workpiece. Different, replaceable relief curves are available.

The relief size is automatically adjustable during the grinding process. The lead is electronically generated. The machine is equipped with FANUCS Mate robot with cassettes for square sizes up to 16 mm. Workpieces can be changed very quickly in the lateral side.


Workpiece drive                                                     (C-axis)

Workpiece slide                                                      (Z-axis)

Stroke curve drive                                                  (B-axis)

Stroke curve adjustment                                    (W2-axis)

Grinding support                                                    (X-axis)

Dressing axis radial                                                (V-axis)

Dressing axis axial                                (optional) (W-axis)

Cooling nozzle tracking                                         (U-axis)

 The swivelling axis (A-axis) is manually adjusted.


Expansion of second dressing axis (W-axis) for programmable, flexible dressing (chamfer)

Expansion package: Grinding hard metal tools